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Tail # IATA Name Hub Total Flts. Mth Flts. Total Hrs. Mth Hrs. Loc. Last Flt. Status
Tail Number:
Assigned Hub:
Aircraft Weight Empty:
Aircraft Typical Cruise:
Aircraft Range:
Aircraft Value:
Aircraft Lease Rate Per Month:
First Class Seats:
Business Class Seats:
Economy Class Seats:
Maximum Payload:
Total Flights:
Flights This Month:
Total Flight Hours:
Flight Hours This Month:
Ownership Status:
Aircraft Status:
Current Location:
Last Flight Date:
Total Aircraft Gross Revenue:
Total Aircraft Net Revenue:
Current Fleet Financial Data
Flights Hours PAX Cargo Gross Net Flights Hours PAX Cargo Gross Net
Flight # Callsign Departed Arrived Equip. Date PAX Cargo Time
 Passengers and Cargo 
Total First Class Passengers:
Total First Class Revenue:
Total Business Class Passengers:
Total Business Class Revenue:
Total Economy Class Passengers:
Total Economy Class Revenue:
Total Cargo Flown:
Total Cargo Revenue:
Average Passenger Revenue Per Flight:
Average Passenger Revenue Per Flight Hour:
Average Cargo Revenue Per Flight:
Average Cargo Revenue Per Flight Hour:
 Aircraft Systems and Maintenance 
Hydraulic Systems:
Hydraulic Systems Repair Costs:
Avionics Systems Repair Costs:
Radios Repair Costs:
Engines Repair Costs:
Gear Systems:
Gear Systems Repair Costs:
Flaps and Slats:
Flaps and Slats Repair Costs:
Pneumatic Systems:
Pneumatic Systems Repair Costs:
Class A Inspection Cost:
Class A Inspection Due In:
Class B Inspection Cost:
Class B Inspection Due In:
Class C Inspection Cost:
Class C Inspection Due In:
Class D Inspection Cost:
Class D Inspection Due In:
Last Class A Inspection Date:
Last Class B Inspection Date:
Last Class C Inspection Date:
Last Class D Inspection Date:
Maintenance Discription Cost Date Performed