Mar 22 2016Flight Planner Tool OnlinePosted By: Nicolas Moreau

SimBrief is now fully integrated. You can now generate your flight plan directly from our Website. 
Have a good flight

Mar 18 2016New routes updatePosted By: Nicolas Moreau

75 routes added

Total: 718

Mar 16 2016New route DatabasePosted By: Nicolas Moreau

643 routes are now available!

Mar 14 2016JetBlue Virtual Airways 1.0 releasedPosted By: Nicolas Moreau

Hello everyone, Welcome to the new Virtual Airline. Let me introduce JetBlue Virtual Airways. Just funded in 2016, JBUv is simulating the real company Airline using the Airbus 320-321 and the Embraer E190. We are working now on the schedule database. Feel free to invite whoever you want!

JetBlue Virtual Team