Apr 18 2018A320 Joins QantasLink Western AustraliaPosted By: Lawrence Brlevich

Hi All

I have just added the A320 that has  moved over from Jetstar to Qantaslink colours to fly in Western Australia.  Under Network Aviation.

NWK 1650    Perth to Karatha
NWK 1651    Karatha to Perth.

Have fun and enjoy.

Lawrence Brlevich

Apr 13 2018Jetgo Routes And Fleet UpdatePosted By: Rod Shephard

I have updated the flight schedules and completed a fleet upgrade for Jetgo.

There are new return routes to the Gold Coast,Albury and Essendon - and the Port Maquarie return route is now in the historic flights section with the prefix H. 

Jetgo has also acquired an ERJ145LR for some of the new schedules,with a new routes to be added when they start in June to Karratha...exciting times ahead for a real go-ahead airline.....go Jetgo....!

Apr 02 2018Ops Report Mar18Posted By: Rod Shephard

G'day gentlemen,

Below for your viewing pleasure is last months and up to this years financials thus far.

Congratulations Shane on the POTM, it was close as usual.


As the Chief has mentioned, it had been a quieter month in both hours flown and damage repairs. Thank you all for your support and diligence in not allowing the completion of damaged flights for the majority. Only a couple instances and as Rod mentioned probably due to some form of gremlins in some freeware aircraft. It has been a busy month for me personally, but hopefully I will have more time to act on problems in a more timely manner, so I thank you all for patience.

Revenue Data Year To Date

Scheduled Passenger Flight Revenue:   26,504,224,732.46

Scheduled Cargo Flight Revenue:   894,361,054.95

Charter Flight Revenue:   28,391,421.41

Total Gross Revenue:   27,427,193,479.26

Total Net Revenue:   23,724,475,480.63

Average Fleet Health   99.56%

Total Cost For All Repairs   2,357,478.51



Apr 01 2018CEO Report-MarchPosted By: Rod Shephard

Another month has flown by..literally!

It's been a fairly quiet month flying wise,which shows in our current pilot and VA ratings....

We are rated at 22 in the top 200 airlines and only two pilots in the top 200: AAG295 Rod at 59 and AAG077 Shane at 121..

We also had 10 pilots with tarmac kisses,with Shane Burrows with a maximum 1o....and speaking of Shane-once again a superb month which sees him deservedly take out another POTM..is there no stopping this man... 8)

Congratulations Shane and another aircraft in the Ausvag fleet will carry another Shane Burrows prefix...I just hope we don't have the whole fleet with an SB logo..!!

It's been great to see maintenance and damage back to a more normal level-well done everybody....

One very interesting outcome regarding VAFS damage penalties was the apparent conflict with the VAFS system and the freeware TDS aircraft...Ops man Paul has put the details in the Notam section of our forums. The upshot is that, for some reason, the configuration of these excellent freeware Boeing aircraft which pilots,including myself, found themselves with "false" flap and undercarriage damage-very frustrating.

The main thing to remember is-despite the frustration because of this-you need to cancel and start again-because those damage figures are uploaded..and the bil/s are always very high....

Paul will have all the financial figures in the Ops Report.....

I love Autumn-beautiful weather for flying-in all forms...the best season of the year I reckon...

Hope everyone has had a safe and happy Easter and have a great month in the air!