Aug 01 2017CEO Report-JulyPosted By: Rod Shephard

Welcome to the July report..and winter now one less month....roll on spring.... :)

Firstly, our Pilot Of The Month is our resident "Wheelbarow"-AAG951-Paul Finlayson....and I have it on good authority that ALL the landings were ...rear wheels first....onya Paul!! ;D

Once again, Ausvag is flying high-literally-in the ratings:-4/200 8) 8)

Also, our pilots in the top 200: 6 - AAG960 John M  11- AAG962 Carlos B  25-AAG947 Mark V  26 - AAG964 David C  36 - AAG295 Rod S  78 - AAG951  Paul F  103 - AAG462  Russel D  129 - AAG91  Graham S  132 - AAG910  Tony S  148 - AAG903- Romel G  154 - 965  Rick A  180 - AAG77  Shane B

Pilot hours completed: - AAG960 -309  AAG962 - 257  AAG947-205  AAG964 - 135  AAG951 - 113  AAG462 - 103  AAG295 - 103

Another sensational month- did any of you eat or sleep for the month!!

One of the most pleasing aspects this month was the positive comments I received regarding the  amount and variety of our flying schedules for passenger and freight-a huge thank you to Mr Smith for the addition of some awesome freight routes. I can say that there will be some interesting developments in the pipeline regarding codeshare routes announced recently by Virgin Australia with a number of Chinese Airlines through Asia with mainly B738s....more to follow... 

All up, another brilliant month-a big thank you to everyone...and I'm looking forward to seeing Sams financial report-with a low damage bill for July...fingers crossed..

Happy flying for August!