Oct 01 2017CEO Report-SeptemberPosted By: Rod Shephard

Welcome to a new month! ;D
Once again, we've had a great month of flying..and the largest total of tarmac kisses since its inception-a fantastic effort to all concerned! 8)
A big congratulations to our POTM-Wayne Buckley-who has not only reached regional captain in record time but posted the maximum 10 kisses to boot! A brilliant job Wayne.. looking forward to naming your favourite aircraft with VH-AWB... ;) ;)
Gentlemen-your financial rewards for your kisses will be in your "mailbox" soon!
I sincerely hope we have cleared up any remaining confusion regarding pilot comments. Despite issues with the VAFS flight page with a lack of details,the pilot comment section is still accessible and all flight details,along with your comments,are in your uploaded flight log. Those comments can be as brief or as long as you like-not only is it great to read them and also a great tool to help if you have any problems.
Another issue that raised its head last month is a pilot setting all flight weather to minimum visibility with heavy rain. I contacted the person concerned and raised my concerns regarding not using real world weather-there hasn't been another flight posted since then-I hope he hasn't decided to leave us over this-his piloting skills are excellent...
Since Ausvag was born,we have always based our flying on real world schedules along with real world weather settings- and as a group, we have followed that to the letter....and a big thank you to members who have PM'd me regarding a very small number of flight discrepancies we hadn't picked up-it's very much appreciated to have other "eyes" help us to keep us be the high standard VA we proudly are.. :)
We have had a number of flight damage bills which are related to issues with VAFS-Sam will bring us up to date with all things financially related with Ausvag...
Finally, Sam and I will be getting together to making a small number of changes to our handbook,regarding changes to minimum flights/hours per month, along with a change to hours for the lower ranks...watch this space...
Have a great October....and ....finally.....my mighty Tigers :) 8) ;D "Oh we're from Tigerland....er....that'll do Rod! 8) 8)