May 31 2017CEO Report MayPosted By: Rod Shephard

All I can say is.....what a month!!! In all my time as the CEO of this VA, I don't think I've been so busy keeping everything up to date! I'm going to apply for a pay let's see....a 15% increase on nothing is........!

Seriously, the following figures absolutely confirms that Ausvag is literally "flying" in the VA world!

VA Rating: 4/200-and that's with at least 6 pilots on LOA!!

Top 200 Pilot Ratings: (9) AAG962 ... (10)  AAG960... (34) AAG295...(48) AAG961...(49) AAG903...(53) AAG462...(75) AAG964...

                                     (76) AAG91...(117) AAG15...(141) AAG895...(171) AAG951...(178) AAG77...

With so many pilots putting in exceptional efforts, the choice of Pilot Of The Month was a nightmare-it really was that the end, it's a huge congratulations to AAG964-Carlos Bravo who crossed the line first-a brilliant job Carlos-believe your neck would be very warm with all the other pilots breathing down it...!!

Once again, a warm welcome to our new pilots starting with us and making such positive "impact" in our fabulous little VA. It's also great to see everyone adding their comments to their flights-I've got to say we have a few budding comedians in our group-love reading them...!

As far as the tarmac kiss process,due to the change of website, all TKs sent to me are then sent Bruno to be added-at some stages last month, I was receiving them nearly every hour-unbelievable!

Finally, in the next few weeks, Sam and myself will be sitting down to make some much needed updates to our pilot handbook, which will include implementing modifications to the flying hours required for a number of ranks, which will compliment the great work Bruno has done with the changes to the actual rank titles. These changes to the lower ranks bring us more in line with the real world and adjusting the hours to suit each rank is part of the process.

It's been another history making month for us-congratulations for all your efforts and total professionalism....

Blue skies and happy flying!